Tuesday, January 17, 2012

your dressing room... the New Years Resolutionist!

As I brainstorm on ways to continually improve the blog and your experience here I love to come up with new ideas for series'.  My favorite part of blogging is the constant reinvention and experimenting. I think it  is so fun to come up with new ideas and see what sticks and what works.

I feel like I talk a lot about clothing here on the blog and what to wear and why and where. But as women our clothing makes up only a percentage of our selves. (I'd like to argue a LARGE percentage... but still)  And as women (and especially mothers) we wear many hats in any given day, week or month.  One day we are a force to be reckoned with and the next we are in a low-key mood where the sofa and re-runs are just our style.  Our entire experience of life makes us who we are, not just the clothing we wear... but the tea we sip to rejuvenate ourselves, the books we read, the trashy reality tv we can't get enough of  and the beautiful things we surround ourselves with are just a big a part of the whole.

So today I introduce to you "your dressing room": the series.  It gives a persona to the many women that we are and strive to be and sums them up in one fun and engaging post.  Today we take a peak into the life of the "New Years Resolutionist".  This lady is one with goals and dreams. Her year is off to a fabulous start and she working on making 2012 the best year ever.  How does she do it all? Read on...

She's written out her list of goals and checked them twice.
She aspires to health and a life well lived.
She lives and dies by organization.
She knows sweat builds equity.
She believes in fresh starts.

You can find her in workout clothes first thing each morning. (sports bra, workout pants, gym shoes)
Later you can find her stylishly and effortlessly dressed. (jeans, blazer, striped top, flats)
Green tea is her healthy choice of beverage. (Bigelow Green Tea)
Moleskin monthly notebooks keep her ideas & appointments organized. (Moleskine Monthly Planner)
She knows a good book can change her life. (A Million Miles in a Thousand Years)
A fabulous watch keeps her impeccably accessorized and right on time. (Marc Jacobs watch)
A quote from Diane von Furstenburg is her mantra. (quote via)

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