Monday, January 16, 2012

my outfit: simple plaid!

Just a simple outfit today.  I don't even remember when I wore this outfit. For serious. I am so behind posting outfits/taking pictures/etc.  Oh well!

Our kitchen remodel is coming along... a little slowly, but surely.  Since my husband is doing all the work (well, we will be hiring a plumber for some of the water stuff) it's at his pace.  The situation so far has been him putting together all the cabinets after the kids go to bed while I sit there, drink wine and talk his ear off!  Ha!  So far I've just been SO excited for the final product that I don't mind the craziness (also he has finished the half of the kitchen that includes the pantry, so the food at least is organized).  But next is the demolition phase which means no sink which will make things a little trickier!

It was last year at this time that I was redecorating our living room.  Funny to think back to that... already a year ago and that room is still evolving and getting better all the time.  That's how it goes with a house, or my house at least - constantly changing!  After the kitchen is done I would like to start working on redecorating the basement.  It's total wasted space that I want to eventually be a family room and creativity hub for the house (goes with my resolutions!).  Winter is such a great time to make changes around the house... there isn't much else going on!

Do you get in nesting mode this time of year?

On a completely different note... our church kicked off an amazing new series this past weekend... I don't get too preachy on my blog but I did want to share what was one of the most inspiring sermons I have heard in a long time.  If you are set on making 2012 an amazing year and if you are a spiritual person, or even if you are not.  This sermon packs a seriously inspiring punch. I highly recommend it!

Scarf, Old Navy
Blazer, American Eagle
Striped Top, Forever 21
Jeans, Seven for all Mankind
Flats, Old Navy
Glasses, Warby Parker


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