Tuesday, January 24, 2012

your dressing room! {the nerd-ess!}

Today I introduce to you the "Nerd-ess" - part nerd, part goddess.  She's nerdy and chic and everywhere in between.

She embraces her nerdiness and femininity alike. 
She unwinds to NPR and symphonic melodies.
She's got a crush on Ira Glass.
She embraces her four-eyes.
Blazers and cords never looked so good.
Intellect and wit always catch her eye.

A classic outfit is her uniform:  
Blazer, check. Cords, check. Turtleneck, check. Book bag, check. Penny loafers, check. Scarf, check.
Her dial is always tuned to This American Life, or she catches up with episodes on iTunes.
Nerdy glasses are her favorite accessory. (Warby Parker "Fillmore")
Quirky and witty art? You bet. (element of surprise! art)
Erik Satie and Downton Abbey are made for rainy days in her mind. 

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