Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my outfit: what's good?

I'm practically married to Netflix instant these days... I mean really.  I love me some screen time.  Last winter it was Downton Abbey (which returns to PBS next week!) then last spring I watched Greek start to finish, this summer it was Mad Men , this fall Felicity and now I'm in the middle of Gossip Girl .  All shows that I seriously loved watching. All of them.  Do you veg out with Netflix on an almost nightly basis like me?

Then over break my husband and I rented Midnight in Paris.  Have you seen that? It might be one of my new all time favorite movies!  Plus, I loved the references to Ernest Hemingway et al. who were characters from The Paris Wife: A Novel.  I love when media references cross-check like that.  (nerd alert).  Anyway, I highly recommend the movie!

We also watched No Strings Attached - which is a little on the raunchy side, but not nearly as raunchy as Bridesmaids and way wittier (I think I am the only one that hated Bridesmaids - I didn't find it remotely funny).  We also watched The Romantics which I was super excited for, especially after all the hype that J.Crew gave it a while back, but I was disappointed to find it boring and lacking serious character and plot development. I kept asking myself "what is going on?" - I was seriously lost.

Have you seen any of these movies/shows? Did you love/hate them?  Otherwise... what are you watching? What's good?

Jacket, Tulle (courtesy of, seasons past)
Sweater, Limited (very old)
White Top, Forever 21
Black necklace, Target
Jeans, Seven for all Mankind
Flats, Gap

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