Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my outfit: nice neutrals!

When the weather allowed recently (i.e. it was above 40 degrees) I whipped out the holey knee jeans. You know, my favorite piece of "junk" in my closet. I think I have some type of weird attachment to these jeans.  I don't know.  I solemnly swear that I will make these into jean shorts this summer... but for now I'm going to hang on to them as is, they are my all time favorite!

How have you ladies been? Life is a little crazy for me right now, but I'm just working on staying positive and looking in the right direction.  It's a little insane having your kitchen torn up for so long.  But I know it will be worth it in the end.  My husband is working so hard each night, I'm super proud of him!

How are your resolutions coming along? I didn't really make a "resolution" to work out more, but this past fall I really got off the rails with working out. And then self-loathing always follows.  Plus, it's really hard to get back into the habit of it after being out of the habit, you know? I'm always so sore afterward and it's so cold going there in the mornings.

But yesterday I had a revelation.  For the hour that I am in the pilates studio doing my thing - I feel amazing!  In lots of pain, sure... but I feel good about myself, separate from my body.  And the more I practice pilates and work out with weights the better I can perform in class, so then I end up spiraling upwards.  Before I was just focusing on how much I hate putting on my gym clothes and going there - but now I'm working to focus on how amazing I feel during that class.  I think it's helping.  Fingers crossed.

We also just got a Pure Barre studio in Grand Rapids. Have you ever been? I'd love to try it!  It's a little hard to justify since I'm already paying for my gym membership. But I would like to try one class - it's supposed to be amazing!

Jacket, courtesy of Tulle (previous season)
Top, Old Navy
Scarf, Gap
Jeans, Gap
Clogs, Ugg
Earrings, Forever 21

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