Thursday, January 19, 2012

mix and mingle! {mid- to late winter}

I'm starting to feel like my wardrobe needs a little spruce up for these last couple months of winter going into spring. I don't really need a lot of items, just a few to perk things up a bit. And looking forward to the Texas Style Council, I would like a couple new pieces to wear while in Austin.

When I shop for more than one piece of clothing at a time I try to make my selections form a cohesive look or whole.  I don't bring home any pieces that I don't know what I would wear them with.  I work to make all the pieces mix and match with each other so that when I get home I can add a jacket or shoes or a belt that I already own.

These items are some that are on my wish list right now...  they all easily mix and mingle and would be great additions to my wardrobe.  How cute would the striped top be with the pink jeans? And the orange or green top with the boyfriend jeans and leopard loafers? LOVE!  This is my mid- to late winter haul wish list... what's on yours?

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