Thursday, December 29, 2011

what to pack: faux-cation!

A few weeks back I was chatting with my gal-pal Jackie on how once Christmas is over it's fun to start dreaming of a warm place to visit... and now that Christmas is indeed over (sad, but true) I find my thoughts turning to a quiet and very sunny vacation.

Where the cocktails flow all day and naps while reading and sunning are mandatory.  So if you care to take a faux-cation (a 'fake vacation' that is!) with me, I'm thinking we should pack along these lines...

1. stash a simple suit in your bag because you are going to be spending a lot of time in it! 2. don't forget your sun hat 3. a simple striped top to throw on after the sun goes down, this one is perfect 4. a pair of white jeans is always appropriate for vacation 5. pretty and sophisticated sandals for walking the boardwalk 6. flip flops for the sand! 7. a gorgeous tank for dinners and late night dancing 8. sunnies! 9. bring only one piece of jewelry and make it ultra fabulous like this necklace 10. don't forget to throw in a fun and swingy dress for mingling with the locals 11. denim shorts - duh! 12. be safe not sorry with a little SPF 13. a maxi dress can be thrown on over your suit for shopping or quick runs to the store 14. a simple cover up for when a cloud floats your way

Are you dreaming (or planning?!?!) of a little getaway like me?

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