Monday, December 19, 2011

wardrobe consultation!

Recently I worked with Jessica... she works in a business casual environment and wanted outfits for work and for casual weekend activities.  Her main complaint was that while she felt like she had a lot of clothing, her closet never felt cohesive.  Which is something that I hear a lot from the clients I work with.

A lot of times women will shop sporadically as they find things on sale or for a good 'deal'. But then they end up with all these random items.  That is why I highly recommend shopping with the help of me via my wardrobe consultation services or seasonally with the help of my looks:books.  It important to lay out your wants and needs and the top styles at one time and then execute the plan as you can afford.

But on to a few of the outfits I pulled together for Jessica... (these are just a few of the looks... I'll show you some more next week!)

(above: dress, scarf, jacket, boots)

If you are interested in learning more about my wardrobe consultation services... click here, or email me!


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