Monday, December 5, 2011

my outfit: cool blue!

Blue is my new 'comfort' color. It used to be black (I know, how rebellious of me).  But now it's totally blue.  For the longest time I never bought or wore blue tops/sweaters because I felt like they competed with blue jeans (which are my #1, hands down).  But now I just embrace the "blue"-ness and go with it.  Do you have a 'comfort' color? A color you feel good in no matter what?

ps. are you an "arm crosser"? I am... it just comes natural... see - I just pulled it out during a photoshoot even.  I know it gives off "cold" vibes for all of you that are interpreting my body language.  But it just comes naturally.  I almost can't help it!

Sweater, Old Navy
Button Up, H&M
Jeans, Zara
Loafers, Dolce Vita (*so in love with these... they are leather - great deal for the price - and keep my feet surprisingly warm!)
Necklace, TJMaxx
Earrings, courtesy of Stella & Dot
Watch, Michael Kors

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