Thursday, November 17, 2011

winter basics!

Now that winter is pretty much officially here (can we call it fall still in late November!?!?) I've been working to make sure that my wardrobe is properly prepped for the cooling temperatures.  Of course, there is no way to fully prepare for blizzards and sub-zero temps, well except for full body coats and Ugg boots.  But winter is all that bad (wait, ask me again in February) and I still want to make sure I'm doing my best to stay stylish and relevant through the colder months.  In an effort to do so I pulled together some winter basics to depend on through all the cold days to keep your style intact and yourself warm!

scarves, left to right: red, grey/white, leopard
outerwear, left to right: bomber jacket, vest, shearling coat
jeans, left to right: skinny, black, wide leg
shoes, left to right: flats, boots, wedges

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