Friday, November 18, 2011

what to wear: weekend!

This was a whirlwind week, my goodness!  Between Luxe Lotto (there is still time to enter!) and the launch of my Winter & Holiday 2011 looks:book (which is selling like hotcakes and getting rave reviews, btw!) and some stuff going on in the good life casa... I'm ready to collapse!

But for me, it's time to party-on!  I'm hosting a small Thanksgiving gathering at my house Sunday so I will be cooking, cooking, cooking all weekend - probably starting this afternoon!  Whew!  No rest for the weary I suppose.  But it's all in good fun, my husband and I have a fab menu planned and of course, good company coming for around the table.


Any way, I just snagged these super fun loafers from GILT Group - I always love their sales! I ordered them a few days ago and voila! They were at my doorstep yesterday evening!  Love that!  Plus, they are super comfortable and are leather... I'm so sick of expensive shoes that aren't leather.  These were a great price point for the value.  I can't wait to style them up... I'm thinking with black jeans will be fun.

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