Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my outfit: dreaming of warmth!

We've had a very mild fall so far... so I can't really complain, but seriously, I'm craving warmth like crazy!  I want beaches and pools and shorts and flip flops.  And really, it's way to early in the winter to be wanting this stuff.  I've got a good four plus months of it ahead of me.  Not good.  And I seem to be freezing and shivering all the time...

Take this outfit for example, I thought a sweater and a chambray shirt would be enough (yes, there is a chambray shirt somewhere under there).  But NO - I was still freezing just in my own home. So I added the scarf and then the vest and kept on shivering.  I'm getting very nervous for this winter. Very.

So it's always this time of year that I am scheming on how to get to some warmth... Jackie suggested California (duh.)  And a few of you on Twitter suggested the deep South.  At this point, any and all suggestions are being taken.  At this point I'm just wondering if my husband has any chance of being transferred somewhere warm for work any time soon. Next week works for me.

I always say I love living in Michigan because of the four seasons... but I usually say that in the spring.  I'm thinking this four seasons thing is over-rated... I'll take two or three.

Sweater, Zara
Vest, second hand
Scarf, via Nordstrom Rack (courtesy of)
Jeans, Zara
Flats, Old Navy

ps - check out what's on my holiday list this year over at gs lillian!

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