Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my outfit: the best of what's around.

Remember when I suggested you wear chambray + cables or a blazer + a scarf?  Well I am like a five year old in that if there is an option between a few good things or ALL the good things together, well, I choose all of them.  Case in point. I put the chambray with the cables with the scarf with the blazer. Ta-da. (and yes, it's THIS blazer again, I told you I wear it a lot!)

Is there ever such a thing as TOO much of a good thing? I think not.

Now that I'm home from vacation I am finally getting settled back into what I like to call my "boring little life" and it kind of feels good.  But then again, well you know... there is a point where reality bites.

I think there are like twelve stages of vacation:
1. We are leaving in two weeks I am sooooooo excited! What to wear? Where to go? I LOVE vacation!
2. Okay, we leave in three days... the to do list is long, but I can SO do this. 
3. Crap, we leave in 24 hours, I will never complete all this stuff in time and pack? Who cares about packing? What am I thinking going on vacation with two kids!!??

4. Collapse at the airport.
5. Arrive at your destination and even though you've slept like 5 hours in three days you are full of energy and can't wait to have some fun!
6. Head straight to the pool and order a drink.
7. Fall asleep at 7pm that night.  Wow, you are one great vacationer!
8. Go, go, go - vacation rocks!
9. Okay, vacation sucks... I'm sick of paying $3 for a bottle of water.
10. Red - eye home.  Seemed like a good idea at the time. Now? GET ME HOME.
11. Home! I love you! I love my kids! I love my messy house! I love my bed! Who cares about all this laundry and those dust bunnies!
12. Kids? Messy house? The hotel bed was waaaaay better. Laundry? Dust Bunnies.  Get me out of here!

Blazer, American Eagle (similar)
Scarf, Gap (similar)
Cable Sweater, Limited (similar)
Chambray Top, Old Navy (similar)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Boots, Nine West (similar)
Purse, Deux Lux via Urban Outfitters (similar)

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