Monday, November 7, 2011

las vegas highlights...

As always, Las Vegas is amazing, inspiring and entertaining... we had a great trip!  After a red-eye home I still feel like I am recuperating days later.  But here are the highlights...

1. We stayed at Vdara in the City Center this year.  This is the first time the entire City Center has been open since we visited last... and I can't say ENOUGH good things about the whole place!  It so urban, chic and young!  It was totally the place to see and be seen and it was packed in every bar, every restaurant and the entire casino.  Vdara is the "quiet" retreat of City Center though in that it is non-gaming (no casinos!!!) and non-smoking (a true rarity in Vegas).  So the hotel was quiet and serene against the busy-ness of Vegas.  I slept like a baby in our ultra quiet suite (all the rooms are suites!) and the staff was so pleasant and accommodating. In addition, I loved that you could go from the pool or spa to your room via elevator and not have to walk through the lobby or casino.  It all felt very private and relaxing.

2. I didn't take any 'outfit photos' technically, but instead snapped a few shots into mirrors when I found them... on the left, getting ready to go out in our room and on the right, riding in the ultra swanky elevator.

3. In the lobby of Vdara was a really cool restaurant/bar called Silk Road, it wasn't open to the public (looked like just private parties) but it looked amazing inside and this gold and pink wallpaper just killed me!  So gorgeous!

4.  My super sweet husband surprised me with a glorious hot rock massage at the Vdara spa one morning.  Whoa nelly!  That was my first and likely not last experience with hot rocks, I was in absolute heaven!

5. My pink party dress proved to be the perfect dress for a night out on the town!  We ate at Jaleo in the Cosmopolitan (a reader suggested this AMAZING restaurant - so THANK YOU!) and it was a perfect dress for a vibrant scene!

6. The Chandelier bar in Cosmopolitan was an amazing multi-floored bar that was one big chandelier as well as multiple chandeliers within it... it's hard to explain, but it was absolutely break taking!

7. And of course, any trip to Vegas wouldn't be complete without plenty of shopping!  I hit up most of my favorite stores and spots... but Zara always takes the cake for me and I was able to snag a few new things for winter.

So that sums up my trip!

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Lexi said...

That reader was me! :) Glad you enjoyed Jaleo!! So very good! Seems like you had a great trip!



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