Monday, November 7, 2011

IT list anyone?

I'm just checking in with you lovely ladies to see if anyone is up for the return of the IT list for the last few weeks of 2011 (wait, is that right!?!? Time flies!)...

Since there are only a few weeks left that aren't holidays in 2011 I'm going to do the IT list a little different this go-round.  If you aren't familiar with what the IT list is about, check out the details here!

And whether you are new or an old pro to the list... read this info on how it will be a little different this time:

  • The IT list dates will be November 11, 18, December 2, 9 and 16. (EDITED TO ADD: at this time there is NO interest in Nov 11, so that week there will be NO list... there is still a few spots for the other dates!)
  • Instead of signing up for four weeks at a time I will allow you to choose individual weeks (all or however many you want) at a pro-rated rate of $6 week.
  • I know this is a busy time of year, so choose your dates wisely... there will be no swaps or accommodating if you don't post.
Please note that if there is not enough interest to get the IT list back off the ground I will scrap it altogether... so let me know early if you are interested so that we can get this thing going!

Ready, set, go!  Email me if you are interested!

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