Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my outfit: trainspotting.

Lately I've been working to take myself less seriously... yes, it's 'work'.  For me at least.  To me my life and the problems and experiences I encounter along the way often seem like life or death.  I wish I was one of those people who easily went with the flow or let things roll off my back, but I'm not.

And of course part of that is just what makes me, me.  But the other part of me taking life too seriously is a drag.  I get a little cough or sore throat and the world seems like it's going to end.  My son gets kicked pretty bad in the nose during a soccer game and my imagination fast forwards to the worst case scenario.  (he's fine, btw).  Or, I find myself with free time and feel absolutely guilty if I am not DOING something. These are the crazy interiors of myself.

But any way, recently this has turned into a sort of workaholism... I can't say no, I can't stop and I can't relax.  Well, until about a week or so ago.  I knew something had to give (and, ahem, my husband also had some feelings on it as well) and instead of my mental energy being used on stress and worry I've worked to give myself down time and space and the gift of relaxation.

It's an ongoing process, but when last night I was crawling into bed (dead tired) and I realized that I hadn't finished preparing a post for this morning... I knew I was on the right path.  In the three years since I started blogging I have never ONCE forgotten to prep a post.  I've hardly even missed a day of posting and definitely not during the week.  I had a good long laugh at myself and it felt great.  I didn't even rush downstairs to finish the post, I just went to bed... I didn't even worry about it!  The world does not revolve around my blog posts (shocking, I know!).

I'm definitely not "cured" of my constant stress and worry problems.  But I do realize that I'm getting better at not taking myself so seriously.  After all, life is just life.  If it's not fun... well, what's the use!?!?

Blazer, American Eagle (similar)
Blue Top, Gap
Gingham Top, Old Navy (similar)
Pants, Zara (similar)
Shoes, Sam Edelman
Earrings, courtesy of Mimi's The Look

p.s. are you as obsessed with lace dresses as I am lately?!?!

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