Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my outfit: layering, again!

I'm back to my layering ways... I had a lack of inspiration last week, it was more like "throw on clothes and call it good".  But now I'm inspired to try fun new combos again.  I have some other outfits in the hopper (pictures taken) and some others to try (laid out in my closet).  

While we are on the topic of inspiration... where do you find the best inspiration for outfits? I, of course love blogs (duh!), but I also find myself depending on two other sources constantly for inspiration lately.  Wanna know what they are?

Pinterest is a really great place to find and store all of my wardrobe inspirations.  Just one little color combo or outfit feature can set me off on a tangent with an outfit.  I store all of my outfit ideas in my "My Style"Pinboard.  When I am in the mood to pick out outfits in my closet I literally take my laptop up to my room and go from laptop to closet pulling items from the inspiration.  If you are interested in following my inspiration... follow me there!

And my next place is the J.Crew catalog. I know, so cliche, but I am always inspired not by just the clothes... but by the way they mix and match items and the different textures and styles that they mix.  And lately the COLOR COMBOS are just amazing. I have never been much of a color person, but lately I can't get enough - all inspired by J.Crew. I usually tear out a bunch of pages from each catalog and keep them in my closet for reference.

What inspires you when you get dressed? Or just everyday?

Blazer, Gap (similar)
Striped Top, Forever 21 (similar)
Orange Tee, J.Crew
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Boots, Michael KORS (similar)
Bracelet, courtesy of Towne & Reese
Necklace, H&M (similar - yikes!, similar - price friendly!)

psst... we have a winner for the October Luxe Lotto!  Congrats!

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