Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to get the most out of this blog...

Over the recent months I gained some new readers and sometimes with a blog it's hard to figure out what's what when you first start reading it... especially if you are not up for going through the archives.  So I figured I would just do a quick "tour" of the blog for you so that you make sure you are getting the most out of it...  I've written over 1700 posts (!!!!) so let me give you a quick tour of them!

  • Like to see what I wear on an almost daily basis?  I'm a busy stay-at-home/work-at-home mom of two... these are 'my outfits'.
  • I love to hear from my readers... check out questions I have answered for them in 'reader questions' along the way! It's everything from what to wear to weddings to how to mix up what you already own in new ways.
  • Speaking of reader questions... I get the question of how to organize a closet a lot - check out mine!  It's the most popular post on my blog of all time!
  • Wondering what to pack or what to wear? Check out those posts!
  • Want to learn my tricks of the trade in blogging!?!? In this e-book I dish on all my secrets of success!
  • I produce a seasonal looks:book to give you a guide on what to buy each season that is on trend but not overly trendy.  It's a road map of sorts and is wildly popular with my readers.  Check out past issues! (and get ready for the winter 2011 looks:book, slated to be available mid-November, it's going to be amazing!)
  • If you are a gal that values the classics... I wrote an amazing e-book on the 50 items every woman must own (and how to style them!).  This is a super fun e-book!
  • Do you strive to dress cute and up to date but just need a little help? Check out my wardrobe consultation services!  They are available for all budgets and styles! (or check out the archives of past consults to get a feel for how they work)
  • If you are interested in how one piece or style can be worked several ways... check out my Work it Wednesday posts!  They are the oldest running series here on the blog!
  • And lastly, I also am editor and contributor to a fun celebrity style blog... check it out too and add it to your daily blog reads!

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