Friday, October 21, 2011

friday fun day...

Now that the IT list isn't going up every Friday I'm trying to think of a fun new type of post to take its place... and I haven't settled on anything yet!  I'm out of outfit posts this week as it's been raining cats and dogs lately... and ten jackets layered over ten sweatshirts and rain boots is admittedly not very attractive.

Any way, if you have ideas on a fun Friday post that you would like to see... y'all just let me know, k?  In the meantime I took some fun photos of my (our) new office space that I have been working on.  The kids are growing up and they have their own computer now (lucky dogs!) and we needed more desk space.  I took a cue from Little Green Notebook on the double desks, I used different desks... but same idea.  The room still needs some finishing touches... but here are some peeks at it.

I love this little vignette on 'my' half of the desk... inspiring products and Missoni for Target plates as catch all trays.

Double Macs fulfill all my nerdiest dreams... the chairs are only temporary but work for now. I've got my sights set on another more modern pair for in here.  The sleek desks are a perfect juxtaposition to the vintage elements.

Simple maps that I found for under $5 make for simple and fun artwork... plus, kids love maps!  My kids can look at these babies for hours.

Vintage globe, again I love the look of this and the kids love to play with it.

School artwork from my son makes more meaningful and inexpensive art above our bookshelves.  I loved the colors in these - according to him one is a volcano and another is a dinosaur.

A cozy chair in the corner is a great hang out place for either me or the kids... it's also reclines and gets great afternoon sun.  It's the perfect reading spot!

This room isn't quite finished. Proof: random framed items waiting for a new home, although I kind of like them just nestled here.

The littles love it!

Have a fabulous weekend!  If you are looking for some extra inspiration this week... check out my Fall 2011 looks:book or  50 Things Every Woman Must Own e-book or even my Blog Bits: Secrets of a Style Blogger e-book!

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