Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to Look as Fabulous as Kate Middleton Everyday

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Is it just me, or does Kate Middleton or Catherine Duchess of Cambridge look impossibly gorgeous and confident each time she steps into the public eye? As of yet, the Royal family has not confirmed if she has hired staff to assist her in dressing or styling her outfits for public outings. So word on the street is that, thus far, she is putting one leg in her pants at a time, just like us regular gals.

So how does she do it? How does she look effortlessly glamorous and put together on a consistent basis? It has to do with personal style and lucky for us 'regular gals' - we can attain (almost) royal style status by tapping into our own personal style as well. Taking a cue from the Duchess herself, let's breakdown how knowing your personal style can take the guess work out of getting dressed and seriously up the style quotient all in a few easy steps.

1. Know your colors. Kate's wardrobe sticks to a tight palette of blues and beiges. Sure we've seen her look amazing in purple, red and ahem, white. But for the most part she builds her wardrobe around the colors that she assumedly loves and that we all know she looks amazing in. Do the same for yourself. What colors do you gravitate towards? What colors make your skin coloring or eyes pop? Invest in solid pieces in those colors and you are already on your way to an amazing wardrobe.

2. Know your silhouette. If you look carefully at the silhouette's of dresses and outfits that Kate wears you will instantly recognize the similarities. She dresses her tall, slim body in form fitting and figure flattering pieces time and time again. She doesn't have a particularly curvy body, so she highlights her waist in order to create the illusion of curves. Whatever your body type is, study it. If you have curves, learn how to dress them to accentuate them or vice versa. Then when you find a silhouette that works, do not be afraid to revisit that style time and time again.

3. Know your stores. All women will attest that certain stores carry clothing that fits their body better than others. Kate Middleton is known for frequenting certain stores and designers like Issa, Zara and, of course, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. When you have something that works, why change it up? Find a couple or more stores or designers that you can continually count on for the style and body type that fits you best.

4. Go with what works.  Kate Middleton is often photographed in the same pieces reworked into different outfits.  She will wear the same dress to two different events and use different shoes or jackets to keep the outfits looking fresh.  I dare you to do the same... have a favorite sweater that always gets compliments from your co-workers? Be creative in how you style it to get more wears, and compliments, out of it.  

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