Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my outfit: back to school cool!

My kids go back to school this week... my son actually starts First Grade - which if you are a fellow mom, you know that First Grade is like the holy grail of school.  All day!  Anytime another mom says their child is entering First Grade you greet that comment with a wink and a smile... and any time I've (rather excitedly) told friends and acquaintances that my son is starting First Grade this year, I've been met with the same understanding.  

I am so lucky to have a very outgoing and social six (almost seven!) year old boy that just adores school and friends and of course, recess.  So school is met with a lot of enthusiasm.  I'm hoping we can keep up this pace for the next 12 years or so.

In addition, my daughter starts three day a week preschool and (drum roll)... this momma has finally earned some "quiet time" this year.  Three whole mornings a week!  This is big people, really big.  You know you are a mom when 9 hours a week to yourself sounds just as good as a tropical vacation.  It's all relative people.  I'm thinking about throwing myself a party.  A party for one that might include a hot bath and a nap (again... these are the things that excite moms).

And are we loving the new Cambridge Satchel (personalized, no less) that my husband procured for me for my birthday!?!? Yes, why yes we are.  (LOVING)

We also just painted our front door.  How cute is it!?!? I had a real time trying to decide on a color. I mean, it's just a front door. But it's also JUST a front door.  I went with this blue color (can't remember the name) that I can only describe as "friendly" - don't you think it's a friendly front door?  Too bad no one sees it... we don't live any where near a street or a curb.  You can see why it took us four years of living here then to finally settle on a color.  But now you all get to see it!  We have actually been doing a lot of work to the front-of-our-house-that-no-one-sees lately... maybe you all will get some more sneak peeks soon!

Top, Gap
Scarf, Vintage Liberty of London from American Apparel (similar styles)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Glasses, Warby Parker
Bag, Cambridge Satchel Co. (they have an order lead time of about 4 - 6 weeks, but it was SO worth it!)
Shoes, courtesy of LAMO

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