Tuesday, August 30, 2011

summer to fall: boots with shorts!?!?

I was brainstorming more ideas on how to take our summer items into fall... or just plain old mix the two seasons of clothing.  My mind works in crazy ways that I sure that you don't want a glimpse at, but somewhere along the lines I asked my self... Self: would you wear boots with shorts?  Self replied: I'd need some talking into on that one.

You know when you like the vague idea of something... but you really need to see it in action first to decide!?!? My self is like that a lot.  Yours?

Well I think I sufficiently talked myself into it. Here are two ways that I WOULD wear boots with shorts...

Adorable wellies and moccasin booties seem perfectly paired with shorts. So tell me... would you swap your flip flops or sandals and wear boots with shorts!?!?

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