Tuesday, August 30, 2011

my outfit: a dash of pink!

Ummm, if this could be my "uniform" it totally would be.  Like every day. Except truth be told I would actually wear these pants instead of these leggings I am actually wearing.  But we are talking absolute perfect world here.  So really, I'm fine as is.

A slightly oversized button up, leggings, a bun in my hair, a big 'ole fancy bracelet and THESE shoes... and I am good to go!  I'm so easy to please sometimes.

Have you notice I've been sporting sunglasses an AWFUL lot lately? I'm hoping you haven't, but if you have, confession time: I'm a tired mug lately.  And it always shows in my eyes.  By three pm I am ready to hibernate for a long long time, but come night time... my sleep isn't that great. Uggghhh. I hate that!  I'm thinking it's my diet... so I am going back to some of the cleanse principals.  Namely: eliminating gluten again. I hate to do it, but I think I have to.  Do you struggle with afternoon tiredness!?!?  Mine is like really, really bad lately. boo.

Any way... I'm trying to be positive about it.  I'm sure it has something to do with school starting next week too... I'm ready to get these kiddos out of my hair!

White Top, H&M (similar)
Belt, Gap (similar)
Leggings, H&M (similar)
Bracelet, gift (similar)
Watch, Michael Kors
Pink Driving Mocs, courtesy of LAMO Sheepskin

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