Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what to pack? spring break!

I want you all to know that I was in NO way making fun of greek life in yesterday's post - I hope no one took it that way.  I was more making fun of myself that I am pretty much clueless on that sector of society.  I have friends from high school or past co-workers that were sorority gals and to be honest, I just never asked them about it... plus, I thought a lot of what went on tended towards secretive.  So I just butted out.  That being said... the show GREEK is wildly entertaining for me.


Are you headed out of town for spring break or just a long weekend away to celebrate spring?  If you are headed some where super warm... check out this past post.  If you are doing more of a touristy/busy all day type of spring break (think Chicago, Washington DC or wine country) - check out these looks!

Don't forget layers for chilly spring days, comfy shoes, simple scarves and the comforts of home like lip gloss!


ps, winners from the contest will be announced at NOON today! Check back!


Monique Zuman said...

If only it was spring over here :( Im from Australia and it is autumn! :(

Those sunglasses are absolutely to die for!! I LOVE THEM!!!


Linda Rose said...

should I take this as a hint? i'm taking notes now. :)

Ashley J said...

Just bought my first pair of Toms thanks to this post, love the outfit you created that included them!

The Pretty Life Anonymous said...

This is SUPER great stuff! I love those TOMS.

My Heart Blogged said...

I love the orange bag. It's so pretty.
My Heart Blogged

liz said...

Unfortunately, spring break is over for me :(

Lauren K said...

Omg I just fell in love with the Juicy cuff! It's going on my wishlist immediately...

Also, no worries about your post on Greek - I just wanted to point out that being in a sorority was a great experience for me : )


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