Saturday, March 5, 2011

my style...

I'm feelings all sorts of springy this morning!  I am absolutely CRAVING a shopping trip for spring clothes and to get me out of this winter-blah rut (yes, that would be retail therapy). BUT the thing is, I crave warm temps and sunshine more than the actual clothes (truth be told, people) - and you can't BUY weather. Unless you buy a plane ticket some where warm.

So I am going to hang tight for now and just dreeeeeam of spring!

Happy Saturday!  
(mine is off to a lazy - perfect! - start... I hope yours is too!)


Kristin said...

I'm dying for spring too! I went to Target yesterday and bought a few pieces on sale because I couldn't control myself, haha. Actually, I got two pairs of flats on clearance (one pair looks similar to the ones in your picture above!)
Happy spring clothes hunting! :)

Karri said...

You are totally preaching to the choir, girl. I am in Wisconsin, so I hear you loud and clear!!!!! And I adore that ON bathing suit! How darling!

Kayla said...

It has been warm and beautiful here all week and today I woke up to weather back in the 50's! It doesn't sound like much but it'd been in the 70's when I woke up. No fair!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

My Heart Blogged said...

I love that skirt from Old Navy. It so pretty, and perfect for summer.
My Heart Blogged

mrs_leigh said...

New reader, you had me at the name of your blog;0), you kept me with the quote by Sarah Ban Breathnach!

karen★ said...

i checked on the old navy suit & it's SOLD OUT!!! dang those quick buyers & their stupid proactive-ness. that's ok though...i WILL be the mom at the pool with the 4 kids who can wear a bikini. with that said...i'm off to the gym to kill myself for another day!



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