Thursday, January 27, 2011

personal style, defined: masculine!

Welcome back to another installment of personal style, defined.  This series is all about finding and exploring our own personal styles in fashion and at home.  Here on good life for less I explore fashion... then pop over to Jackie's blog, Sweetie Pie Style to see her inspiration!

Today we are exploring the "masculine" style... menswear inspired looks have been popular over the last few years... its a fun style and I just LOVE the looks I pulled together for today!  Read on for inspiration of the masculine variety... then head on over to check out Sweetie Pie Style's masculine rooms.

I love the mix of masculine pieces with a touch of feminine flair... it lends itself to a certain practicality.  Let's take a look!

I love this look... it reminds me of Ellen, who rocks the menswear inspired look so well.  This would be a great Saturday afternoon outfit.

A boyfriend cardigan, driving mocs and a plaid scarf is a simple look that hints at masculinity but still shows off your style and shape (plus, it never hurts to show a little ankle!).

Pinstripe pants, glasses and a large watch say "I'm as confident as a man" in the boardroom but done right, can still show that you are a lady through and through.

So what do you think... do you like to incorporate a bit of "masculine" style into your wardrobe? Do you already? 


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