Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my outfit: nice flare!

I may or may not have gotten my hair (fairly) drastically colored yesterday. I may or may not be (basically) blonde. I've had blonde hair styles on my inspiration board for a while and have been hemming and hawing about it to my hairstylist for probably over a year.

I have to say it's going to take some getting used to... but it looks just like the inspiration. I have a few more outfits in the stock-piles, so you won't likely see the new "do" until next week. Aren't I such a tease!?!?

On to the outfit... here are my gorgeous new vintage flare jeans from Gap. I'm so in love. I love how they *just* brush the ground with wedges on. Like so. They are also the lightest wash of jeans I own, so it's fun to have a new hue in the line up.

It's still pretty cold around here... I'm not going to lie, I pretty much froze in this outfit. But I do it all for style... March can not come soon enough at this point.

Peacoat, Old Navy (similar)
Polka Dot Top, courtesy of Tulle - it's on sale!
Cowl/Snood, TJ Maxx (gift) (similar)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Wedges, Target (similar)
Earrings, Forever 21


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