Thursday, December 30, 2010

my outfit: inspired by...

This outfit is 100% inspired by this Blake Lively look... ohhhh ahhhhhh.... I love it when I find inspiration places and then it instantly clicks in my head how I can try and pull it off myself. It's, well, inspiring. No?

Also, can the sequin bag get a moment in the lime light. I first saw this bag on Gap's site a while back - and it's said "coming soon" or "not available yet" or something like that. When I first saw it I actually gasped out loud. Like you would if you were with a friend shopping, except I was just shopping with my good friend, my laptop. Then I saw other colorways available on the site and never this grey/brown combo. I was so heartbroken.

Cue SECOND audible gasp, this time I was actually WITH someone (if a {crazy} lady gasps in a forest and no one is there to hear her...???) who was my husband while he and I were Christmas shopping. There were like 10 of them in the store, but I grabbed it first thing and carried it around with me... just in case 10 OTHER people were thinking the same thing I was. Just in case.

'Cuz it's pretty darn hot for a bag. And when the sun shines (although it rarely does here in West Michigan, but WHEN IT DOES) I pretty much am carrying around a disco ball with me. And I don't know how that could be classified as anything BUT cool.

Also, are these jeans blown out or what? I love them so... but I think their future lies in shorts more than pants. We'll see.

I'm OUT until the New Year! Have a fun and safe celebration! I'm ready to kick some good old fashioned bottom in 2011 - who's with me!?!?

Jacket, courtesy of Tulle - it's on sale now!!
Top, Gap (similar)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Bag, Gap (similar)
Boots, MICHAEL Michael Kors (similar)


Heather said...

great look. Love the jacket, too! love the purse(have it in black) - Happy New Year!

Kimberly said...

Very versatile. The gray shirt has a nice neckline and can be worn with so many different outfits. Happy New Year!

Lilly said...

Great outfit, simple yet chic and stylish.
The bag is so fun. I've been obsessed with anything that sparkles lately.
Didn't realize you're from Michigan too :)

MJ said...

Love this outfit!! And I'm especially loving the sequin tote!!

I think its so much easier to let your own creativity start rolling when you have a little outfit inspiration. :)

Linda Rose said...

I am so with you! Let's kick fashion bootie!
Oh, but don't turn those jeans into shorts yet. I may have a solution for you. I'll do a post this week!

Ashley J said...

Have a fabulous NYE and love the sequin GAP bag!

Jackie said...

Love the bag. I would have grabbed it an carried it around with me too! You never know when a big group full of sequin lovin gals is going to pop in and grab them all for themselves!

Have a great time in Chicago and have a Happy New Year!

karen★ said...

oooohhhh, the bag is so very pretty! i'm glad you grabbed it before all the other 10 crazy ladies!

the outfit is superb. (i decided i needed new adjectives for my comments). i really love the gray top & the jeans. ripped up jeans rock. think hard before you make them into shorts.

i'm with you on the kicking tuckus next year...i'm all over it!

Corie said...

This is definitely a great look. It's very classy and I love those boots!


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