Tuesday, November 16, 2010

9 of 30... pink and black!

This is an easy enough outfit. Jeans + pink top + black blazer. Funny thing is is that I wore this to church (I know, I know I am late on posting by a few days) and like four gals I ran into were ALSO wearing pink and black. Hmmm. It was a super, super gloomy day. Maybe we just all needed a little pink punch in our day.

That is also why the pictures are super bluuuuurrrrss. There was literally NO sun light. My son asked on the way to church why it was dark already. And I said... it's WINTER! In MICHIGAN! Time to get DEPRESSED! I'm poppin' vitamin D as we speak.

We have the most beautiful summers here... the stuff dreams (and really, really good memories) are made of. But in November, December, January, February, ahem, aaaand part of March. Forget about it.

And I am aware that I sound like a broken record here people, but the earrings and bracelet are courtesy of Towne & Reese. And the only reason I keep talking about them is because ever since I got this gorgeous jewelry in the mail from them I literally can't stop wearing it. It's all so pretty and simple. Don't forget to click here for shopping locations. Also, ALL of their pieces are under $50. And the best news is that the generous folks at Shop Queen Street will give you a 10% discount on any Towne & Reese items by mentioning "GOODLIFE" at the checkout! Yay!

All outfit details for the 30/30 Challenge can be found here...


chai am woman said...

i'm loving your remixes! my pictures are blurs, too... it's basically dark by the time i get home. wah!

allison said...

i love the contrast of the feminine top and polished blazer plus those earrings look fabulous!


Lydia Marie said...

The pink top is really pretty! I'm resenting daylight savings time too, it's such a bummer for it to be dark so early in the day.


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