Tuesday, November 23, 2010

16 of 30... it's all down hill!

Having just passed the half way point of the Challenge (if you are new around here... I am taking part in Kendi's 30/30 Challenge - we remix 30 pieces of clothing for 30 days!) I am still feeling really excited about the challenge and still really enjoying it. I have really enjoyed my outfits so far and have really impressed even myself with the combos I have come up with. The only TRUE thing I am missing is more shoes. But I can deal.

I also have a huge surprise for you! Ta-da! Outside pictures!

I took these pictures last weekend (I'm ahead with outfits, behind on posting) and so my husband was home. But I have to say, I do like it better than inside photos. I'm going to need a tri-pod to keep it up though.

But as I said before, I'm a huge squinter and it scrunches my whole face - so you get sunnies today!

When I first put this white tshirt into the 30 I just thought it would be a simple option for a lazy day. And this past Saturday it was perfect for running errands and hanging out around the house. A simple white tshirt is the ultimate in luxury for me. I'm so easy to please.

But... brrrr! It was cold out! 30/30 outfit details are here... the scarf is old from Urban Outfitters and the coat is old from Gap.

Also... check out this great interview I just did at Maggie Rose's blog... all about how I organize the business of my blog, get inspired and unwind!


Alessandra said...

Long live jeans and white t-shirts when we need a little break. Plus love the scarf AND your nail polish - which is it?

Fashion Momma said...

You look cozy, comfy, and gorgeous! Those jeans, I swear, are the perfect fit on you! LOVE the scarf, too!

kristen said...

Lovely girl. :) I didn't see a link for your interview...?

Leah said...

I don't see a link to the interview and I would like to read it. Can you share that with us?

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

DUH! Here it is... I'll fix the post too:


Ashley J said...

I love a plain white tee and jeans...it's always good to go back to the basics every once in a while!


Jenny said...

Love it! Love the outdoor snaps too, you look so fab!

Ashley said...

I'm really liking the outdoorsy pictures. And the coat is cute, too! :)

Jackie said...

Love your jacket! I swear you are so petite everything looks so good on you.

karen★ said...

i looooove white t-shirts the most, & these pictures of you outside look fantastic! i'm glad you are still liking the challenge cuz it's so fun for me (while i'm catching up) to see what you've been wearing!


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