Friday, November 19, 2010

12 of 30... bullet points!

Sometimes when I sit down to write an "outfit post" I have things to say... sometimes I don't. Since I am posting daily for the Challenge it seems boring to just talk about the clothes, when they are pretty much the same clothes over and over again. Also, lately my mind is crazed... can't settle down... moving at the speed of light. So we'll just bullet point some random thoughts today.

That's the best I got for you.

Excited about:
  • A royal wedding. I think I was like 3 when Princess Di married Prince Charles and I swear to you I remember watching it on tv. Also, I get teary-eyed thinking about William giving his mother's ring to Kate. True story. I was tearing up at dinner about it last night, and we were in a restaurant. I'm almost crying as I type this. So sweet. (also, why are we so obsessed with royalty? It's so archaic and silly - maybe it's the "fairytale" exterior of it all)
  • My looks:book. The verdict is in... you guys love it, you really love it. So a huge thanks to everyone that has purchased already and if you haven't - you are missing out! Don't miss out!
  • Thanksgiving. I have already begun to set my table (I started on Tuesday... a little early!) and am having fun tweaking it and finishing it as I feel inspired. This weekend I will sit down and make my menu. If you are interested, I'll spill all the deets here on the blog early next week.
  • George Clooney was recently in town scoping out movie locales. Um, yes, please. If you know me you know I just LOVE Grand Rapids... and I love living here. Lately we have gotten some visibility for movie shoots and it's hard not to think that's pretty darn cool.
  • I have some fun guest posts coming up on other blogs. I'll keep you updated on the deets.

  • Grey hair. I realize I am a little late to this game, but I just found my first real life grey hair. All course and gnarly and sticking out of my head. I wanted to cry and then throw up. I'm officially old. (also I just emailed my husband for moral support and he hasn't emailed me back yet... doesn't he know this is a crisis!?!? I should have put "911" in the subject line. Pfff.)
Also Excited:
  • My "not-excited" list is pretty short.
  • This outfit. Since I discovered that navy blue goes so well with these jeans, I'm hooked. As seen here.

These gorgeous and dainty earrings that I am wearing are courtesy of FriedaSophie Jewelry... you can find them here! See them enlarged below! All other clothing details for the 30/30 Challenge can be found HERE!


Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I love this outfit, and your blog! All of your 30 for 30 choices thus far have been so fabulous!

I wasn't alive when Princess Di and Prince Charles were married, but I was alive when she passed away. My mother loved Diana and passed that love along to me. I've always been fascinated by royal families! I am SO excited for Prince William and Kate's wedding! I will be getting up and watching it all go down. I love Kate's style so much. So classic. Is it just me, or does she sometimes look American? I'm blabbering, but she just has that classic Americana look. And her hair! Oh, her hair. So jealous.

Team Botanical said...

(1) Yes, definitely want to hear about Thanksgiving in details, including menu and decor.

(2) When George Clooney shot "Up in the Air," he was in St. Louis a lot. It was so fun. The town was abuzz with Clooney spottings, and he is apparently always gracious and kind. So, fingers crossed that he films in your city!

Linda Rose said...

Jill. I found my first gray hair in July. :/ No big deal! We're not old. We're just gaining wisdom.
How old are you. I'm 29. My sister is 32 and my mom told me she has a bunch of gray hair! (She knows from doing her hair one day.)

Lydia Marie said...

I'm really excited about Thanksgiving too! I won't be cooking this year, but I'm still pretty excited about eating.

I also love how flow-y your top and sweater are. Very cute outfit.

Nicole said...

haha...I had the same reaction when I found my first gray hair! I do not have a ton of them but I did start coloring last spring. Loving this engagement as well. I teared up too over the ring! Very sweet!

karen★ said...

ok, i was kidding when i said i'd leave you alone. this is one of my favorites! it just looks so cozy & comfy & so so very cute.

p.s. i looooved the last royal wedding & this one should be even more spectacular. can't wait!

p.p.s. george clooney?! that would be so fun if he stopped by your panera sometime...keep your eyes open! it could happen.

and lastly...about that grey hair? you aren't old! there was only one right? i bet it was put there by one of your little ones doing something crazy that made your heart stop. isn't that how they all get there?


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