Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my outfit: cozy layers!

So my son has a joke that I find endlessly funny for I don't know what reason... basically the joke is him just saying: "Hey mom, I'm looking for the thing with the thing with the thing... have you seen it?" Or "Have you heard about the thing with the thing with the thing." Or any variation of those two. Don't ask me why, must be his tone of voice or silliness or seriousness when saying it. But I just die laughing.

This outfit kind of reminds me of that joke... It's "the sweater with the sweater with the jacket." ya know?

Yeah, you got that right... two sweaters. What can I say I get cold!

Any chance I can get a couple of myself cloned... you know for a jill with a jill with a jill? This time of year is always SO busy, with Halloween, my sons upcoming birthday then straight to the holidays, oh, and if you haven't heard... I launched a new blog too. You know... for all of my free time. (yeah right!) You should stop by... it's pretty cute and fun over there!

So I am now taking applications for nannies, email answerers, ghost writers, house cleaners, dinner makers and nap takers (a girl has got to get some rest!). Your name has to be Jill though. And the pay stinks. Sorry!

Jacket, courtesy of Lands End Canvas (similar style, similar color & really cute!)
White Sweater, LOFT (similar)
Striped Sweater, Forever 21 (similar)
Jeans, Seven for all Mankind (similar)
Clogs, UGG


Caitlin said...

love the yellow jacket!!

Dobbygirl said...

Love this look!

annie said...

This is one of my favorites of yours! So cozy, but still really put-together!

The Thibault Fam said...

love love love the jacket and the pop of yellow!!

Kelly said...

I love how you put together all those layers without the look being too bulky. You look great mama!

Linda Rose said...

I am with you Jill. You're a girl after my own heart. Sometimes I wear sweaters over sweaters, or a sweatshirt over a sweater, etc. This, however, actually looks good! :) Now I know how to do it right.

Brooke Hall said...

stumbled upon your blog and love it! thanks for all the ideas and inspiration!

Nicole said...

No links to the outfit pieces or "similar"? I love when you list links!

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

Added the links! Sorry!

And thanks Nicole for reminding me - oops!

kendal croix. said...

i love that yellow coat. so pretty.

shealennon said...

Hey there's nothing wrong with sweater layering! You look cute and you're nice and toasty :)

karen★ said...

holy crap! how much have i missed lately? I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!! & i love that you related it to your son's joke, which is hilarious by the way (one of those that only a mother could love...or understand, right?!) the whole sweater on sweater thing is perfect for the cold weather & those jeans with the clogs? absolutely perfect!

i'll be your ghost writer & your house cleaner cuz i love doing those things, but can we make the nanny & the dinner maker job someone else's. (my name was jill in a past life too!)


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