Friday, October 1, 2010

my outfit: casual Friday (again)!

I'm not going to go so far as saying that we have a new series here, but it is true that last Friday I posted a super casual outfit and this Friday too. I seem to start my weeks off on a bang and by the time the week goes on I crave more and more comfortable clothes. Until I land half dead into the weekend... but that's another story altogether.

A simple t-shirt and these most comfortable jeans on the planet (I wear them as a *reward* for a long week... they are THAT comfortable!) is the perfect formula for a great casual outfit. But then I like to add a fun accessory like a leopard belt to add some interest.

Isn't the distressing just perfect? I wish I had about 20 pairs of jeans that were all this comfortable and perfectly distressed.

By the way, thanks you for all the feedback yesterday... it sounds like you gals love the outfit photos that I take and want to see more fashion formulas as well. Which is QUITE the coincidence because my husband and I had a huge brainstorming session (I talk, he nods in agreement) last weekend and taking my fashion formulas to the next "level" was the major outcome of the blabbering I was doing. I have a great project in mind that is going to need a ton of work/organization/time. So when I figure out how to find all three of those I will be all set. My gut is telling me early 2011. In the meantime I can whip up more posts on that though!

Also one commenter said she wanted more outfits for moms. Well is she in the right place or what!?! I am a mom you know... and a part-time, inching to more, blogger. This is what I wear! With my kids! Doing my everyday stuff! Even my kids like to be in my "photoshoots" (see above!).
And I even manage to smile too! Lately my pictures have seemed so glum, huh? I do smile, honestly... it seems when it comes to editing that the pictures where I am smiling either my eyes are closed, my hands are doing weird things or I notice there was a lego or something in the shot. So here is a smile, just to assure you that I'm a normal and happy (albeit sometimes crazy) person. Promise.

Jacket, Gap
T-Shirt, Gap
Jeans, Gap
Belt, Forever 21
Clogs, UGG


karen★ said...

you wore my jeans! i'm so glad you're keeping them nice & worn in for me! you look so cute! that leopard belt is definitely an awesome addition. & my favorite picture is definitely the one of you with your daughter. for some reason those are always my favorites; and you do look happy. it's nice to see your smile reach your eyes again!

Cathy W. said...

I just love your posts - I am a stay at home mom too and I love to see what people with similar lifestyles are wearing. Your style is such a great blend of comfort and fashion....keep it coming!

kristen said...

Your daughter is adorable!

I am loving that is so casually chic.

Today Hilary... said...

As women we buy at least 90% of what's in our house. I'd love to see your thoughts on kids clothes, men's clothes, birthday presents, etc

annie said...

So I've been reading your blog for forever, and I almost wet myself when I saw that you commented on a post I wrote a while back about Shauna Neiquist. I think you found me through Jess LC, and I couldn't be happier! Yours is one of my daily reads, and this outfit proves why. Keep up the fabulous work (I'm loving the new look around here, by the way)!!


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