Thursday, September 30, 2010

pretty little things...

Lately I have been admiring boho style more and more... in general my style is more tailored or classic. I don't tend towards the whimsical and flowy... except for lately. I seem to be craving loose and flowing tops, florals, fringe and the like.

Here's some beautiful examples:

Do you think it's just a phase? Do you ever crave clothing that is not your "usual" style?


Caitlin said...

all the time! when asked to describe my style i have a very difficult time because it is constantly changing!
love the topshop tunic!

Jackie said...

Love the first top (of course!)

Ana said...

I think everyone should have a few pieces that are "out of the ordinary". They contribute to the evolution of our own style by opening our eyes to pieces that we otherwise wouldn't pick up.
I absolutely love that one shoulder top.

karen★ said...

that 1st top is gorgeous! i crave stuff that was my "old" style. the more grungy, old-school punk concert attending, pierced head to toe girl. but i can get a little of that with a pair of ripped up jeans & big rings any day...i'm glad i'm not there any more though. (those concerts were EX-PENSIVE!)


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