Monday, October 18, 2010

good look for less: EXPRESS!

Today's consult is for Gena... she and her husband are celebrating 15 years of marriage and are heading to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a long weekend together (no kids!) to celebrate. How fun! She wanted outfits for walking around and spending time with her husband. I checked the weather there for this time of year (because I'm nerdy like that and I have this dream that I will live in Tennessee someday, I'm weird obsessed with it. Weird.) The temps should be in the 60s and 70s during the day and cool in the evenings. So layers are key.

Let's take a look at the outfits I pulled together for her!

My goal was to pull together cozy, chic, casual looks together. This is one of my favorite of the three looks. It's refined but casual and while it's perfect for a weekend away, it's also perfect for everyday wear. This scarf is so perfect for fall and Gena mentioned she tends towards and apple body shape - so this pair of Long & Lean jeans are perfect for that body shape. This style is UNIVERSALLY flattering. I just LOVE this style jean.

I love the look of these loose layers over a slim pair of pants. Gena said she wanted to try a pair of slimmer pants like these... a cropped pair is very flattering if it's your first venture away from a bootcut look.

Just for fun I wanted to throw in a nice dressy outfit for a nice dinner or cocktails. A wrap style dress like this with an emphasis on the waist is another great option for apple shaped bodies. It shows off the waist (not the hips!) in a very flattering way. And I just love the subtle print on this dress.

Have a great weekend Gena!


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maria said...

that dress and brown messenger bag, killer good!

Michelle said...

Goodness-Gracious! This is one of my faves of your consults ever. I want it all!!

Kelly said...

Great picks! Love the plaid scarf and leopard shoes!!


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