Monday, October 18, 2010

dangerous territory...

I was perusing the internet waaaay too much this weekend. I had a few wardrobe consults to complete and I have a new super fun project in the works that launches WEDNESDAY... so I was busy as busy can be this weekend. All for you ladies!

Lots of time on the internet for me means lots of little treats for you... today's post is VERY dangerous territory. Read at your own risk!

These boots and that price. What is not to looooove? Wow!

(Equestrian Boots, American Eagle, $69.50)

I think I am going to start collecting clutches... I just want to behold them. There are so many great ones out there and the price points are usually quite budget friendly. I'll start with these two. K?
(Antique Metallic Beaded Clutch, Urban Outfitters, $38)

(Soft Leatherette Clutch, Forever 21, $14.80)

Gap's modern take on leopard print. Um, yes please. I'm really loving Gap lately. Really.

(Leopard Print Cardigan, Gap, $59.50)

Faux fur and me have a "thing" going on. This jacket looks SO comfy! You could pull this on with jeans and a t-shirt and still look smokin. Or wear it with a super hot dress and be on fire! LOVE this!

(Faux Fur Belted Jacket, Forever 21, $32.80)

If I bought these pants I would NEVER take them off. I mean come on. Have you ever seen such lovely coziness. Must. Not. Buy.

(Purva Pants, Anthropologie, $58)

I'll be back with a bonafide post later today... Happy Monday!


Kelly said...

I love the faux fur jacket and animal print cardi - I can't believe that's GAP! They have been totally on trend lately!

maria said...

loving these picks especially the leopard and the fur jacket!! loving how its belted!

Sourkraut said...

Those Anthropologie pants are making me drool. My "add to cart" finger is twitching right now. Must say no to $58 lounge pants! Right?

The Thibault Fam said...

love the boots!! I have a slight obsession with boots haha. and that cardi is delish as well!

milk tea + polkadots said...

I agree! I've been loving the Gap lately too. They had a dry spell for awhile there, but they've been having some really great stuff. That leopard print cardi caught my eye at the store. I like the color b/c it doesn't scream leopard...too much.

Dobbygirl said...

The boots and that faux fur jacket are amazing. Time to hide the credit card :oP

Linda Rose said...

I did get a pair of Anthropologie sweatpants this past summer and they're amazing and they've come in quite handy. I do take them off sometimes. Only for outfit pictures though. :)

Nicole said...

Yeah I am all about boots right now! Love all kinds, uggs, short boots, tall boots, slouchy boots, riding boots...*sigh*...need lots of funds for my boot love.

Michelle said...

Yeah... those pants. I am going to need them.


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