Friday, September 17, 2010

refined casual wear...

As a mom there are days (or weekends!) when I just want to be comfortable... a sweatshirt is the ultimate in comfort, but not usually my style. So when it comes down to getting dressed I choose the style over the ultra-comfortable. Recently I've come across some really great refined and casual pieces that would be perfect for any sweatshirt day!

(top, from left: late riser tee, anthropologie, $48; sequined studio sweatshirt, jcrew, $119.99; zip side sweatshirt, jcrew, $65; bottom, from left: burn-out baseball tee, jcrew, $59.50; every saturday tee, anthropologie, $68; tunic hoodie, LOFT, $49.50)

Here's to a cozy weekend for you! oxo, jillgg

1 comment:

Shell said...

I need a personal shopper, I think. I gravitate toward the comfortable, even though I want to try to look more put together.


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