Monday, September 20, 2010

good look for less, EXPRESS!

Today's good look for less EXPRESS consult is for Lauren... here is her email to me:

I am a 28 year old who is going back to graduate school full time. My closet is full of teacher work wear pieces that just aren't going to cut it for class. I want to be comfortable while still looking pulled together.I am looking for some new tops and accesories that can go with some of my basics (jeans, black pants, white pants, khakis). I would describe my style as casual romantic.

So many of us rely on the basics like khakis, black pants and jeans to get us through the seasons and our lifestyle effortlessly. When you invest in the classics and they fit you well, they should be able to work for you in many settings by simply switching up tops, accessories and shoes. Today I worked to illustrate that for Lauren. Let's take a look at the outfits:

This outfit is a great example... a great pair of jeans, a nice button up top and a trench are classic staples. But here they are anything but boring by adding a pair of clogs (modern) and some fun accessories (whimsical). This outfit becomes less "I'm a teacher" and more "I'm a grad student."

Days of studying in the library and running from class to class will be comfortable yet chic in this outfit. Whether you choose a cropped pair of khaki's or roll an existing pair you own showing some ankle is modern and relaxed.

A simple and classic way to update an outfit is a striped top... they are everywhere this season, but that doesn't make them less applicable. Dress down a pair of work trousers with a striped top and you are set to go!


Happy Shopping Lauren! Interested in learning more about my wardrobe consultation services? Click here!


kristen said...

Great pics, Jill! You are really making me want some clogs!

paula said...

all super cute. i want to wear it all!

Linda said...

I have been looking at trench coats. That Gap coat is a great option, especially at that price point. Maybe it will pop up on my blog sometime soon!


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