Friday, September 10, 2010

my outfit: simple style.

When I was downtown the other night for the fashion show (more details to come, promise!) there was some really great people watching. Grand Rapids is a little big city. In that we are growing and it's becoming a fun, youthful and vibrant community, but in some ways people are still not super cosmopolitan. My brother had a great quote while we were hanging out before the show - he said that "some people think 'more' is stylish." More is not ALWAYS stylish. Sometimes it is, but often the intricacies of an outfit or the texture or total look can be more "stylish" or fashionable than just throwing a bunch of wild stuff on that happens to be expensive or trendy or worse, sparkly. (you all know I love sparkly... but within reason and context!)

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that this HERE and specific outfit is the epitome of style. But I do think it proves my brother's point. You don't have to wear a lot to look and feel great.

This particular outfit was perfect for what my day held: errands, lunch as a family and then working around the house. Not everything need to be over-thought and over-done. I thought of adding a jacket or scarf or some jewelry, but in the end decided it was just fine as it was.

Top, Forever 21 (similar)
Black Skinnies, courtesy of TULLE
Flats, Old Navy (similar)


missb@dragonflyvintage said...

it's perfectly darling and chic just as it is. I think even a little paris/audrey hepburn, w the slim black jeans and black flats...and i always think those stripe tops look frenchy. have a good day!


Domestic Engineer said...

I love striped tops! I have an obsession, I admit, but I try not to wear them more than once every few weeks. I have been following you for a few months now. Love your blog! I've been wondering where you live now for awhile. Here in Houston, it is still so hot and humid, none of your recent outfits will work. Now, come Winter, that's what I'll be wearing! Thanks for the tips and keep up the good work!

Kelly said...

I like it - very Audrey as miss b said.

Linda Rose said...

Yeah, I totally agree. I love those outfits that I feel perfectly chic in without any accessories. You look great!

karen★ said...

Love the simplicity & elegance of it! Your brother's quote is perfect & should be written on a post-it & stuck inside every girl's closet.

(your hang is getting longer! so so pretty!)


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