Thursday, September 9, 2010

yes, please.

For the most part I love gold accessories lately... they are warm and feel cozy and seem to be enjoying their time in the spotlight. But with my new silver TOMS hanging around... I seem more and more drawn to silver. During my recent internet wanderings, there were quite a few silver items that caught my eye - hopefully enjoy the inspiration as much as me!

Sheer Sleeve Dress, Topshop, $100

Skinny Metallic Belt, Banana Republic, $29.50

Infinite Scarf, Piperlime, $51


elizabethashleyphoto said...

Love everything, especially that Topshop dress!

I just got this eternity scarf from Kohl's, and it's similar to the one you posted. I got the silver (love my grays!), but the black with silver threading is also really pretty.

Amy said...

Hi Jill! Haven't posted in a long time...your blog's looking great! I'm you follow the whole warm vs. cool colors based on your skintone? I read a few books on color and seem to have gotten hung up on the idea that I can *only* wear cool colors (based on my skin tone), but then I see bloggers wearing all colors and looking great or like in the case of this post--you wear gold and silver. Typically you can wear gold if you're a warm and silver if you're a cool. I've passed up lots of gold jewelry b/c I think I can't wear it. I guess I was wondering your thoughts on the whole warm/cool colors thing. Thanks! :)

karen★ said...

I will take the dress and the scarf please. (but mostly the dress!)

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

Hey Amy,

I don't really follow any "rules"! Ha! I just go for what I like and am in the mood for...

I think that if those are the colors (warm or cool) that you feel comfortable in - then wear them! But if you want to cross to the other "side" - I say GO FOR IT! Wear what you love and it will show!

Amy said...

You know what, Jill? I think that's great advice! I think I'm going to at least try some colors on at a store and see what I look like! I've never actually done that! I love the color rust for the fall, but assumed that was off limits, but I never actually *tried* it! How crazy! Thanks for the nudge! :)

Jacinta said...

I was going to comment about the whole warm/cool skintone thing too.
I have always found that I didn't like to wear gold but love silver and greys. I have yellow undertones so it made sense that I didn't like to wear gold. I find that I'm drawn to the colours that suit me. Isn't that weird.

ClosetConfections said...

I love silver tones, and these are some great picks... especially that infinity scarf. They are one of my favorite things to wear. It looks so chic when you pull them over your head like a hood and throw on a pair of oversized shades. Love 'em!

Rachel @ La Bella Bungalow said...

Love your blog Jill! Glad to have found you via MML. You've got great taste!



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