Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my outfit: orchard running (or not!).

Did you all have a fabulous weekend? We had a some cooler weather... like, cold almost! I was ready to turn on the fireplace (husband no-way would let me! ha!) and first thing we could think of on a cool morning was to head to our favorite apple orchard for donuts, cider and family fun!

My new TOMS had just arrived in the mail this week... so of course I was thrilled to bust them out for a casual family day. These things have some serious bling-quality. I am in love! I pretty much didn't take them off all weekend.

It was so dreamy to put some cozy clothes on... sweaters, layers, heated seats! Check, check, check! What a fun Saturday morning.

Unfortunately the joke was on us. The orchards were closed for the holiday weekend. Doh! Oh well, we ran around in the orchards for a while and then found some donuts elsewhere. I guess Labor Day weekend is technically the end to the summer, not the start of the fall. We should have been out at the beach instead I suppose!

These TOMS are "orchard running" approved.

BTW, yes, 60 degrees calls for heated seats and fireplaces! At least in September! ;)

Chambray Top, Old Navy (similar)
Sweater, Gap
Horseshoe Necklace, Marc Jacobs (similar)
Clutch, Francesca's (similar)


Dobbygirl said...

SUPER cute outfit! Loving the Toms! Still too darn hot here for any sort of sweater, I'm ready to not sweat like a pig everytime I walk outside - LOL! 60 sounds like a dream!

MerciBlahBlah said...

MAN OH MAN I love those silver Tom's. Dope dope dope.


kristen said...

Oh good! You got the silver! Def. on my fall wish list too! I love the navy and silver combo. Your weekend sounds perfect, by the way!

Linda Rose said...

oh, i love this! you look so cozy! making me even more excited for fall!

b.a. said...

yay! your toms!!!
i just ordered my first pair. so excited! i got the burlap ones. i totally busted out the heated seat this weekend too! love toasty buns!

karen★ said...

i'm jealous of this cute outfit and, it looks so cozy with that sweater & the tom's! i cannot wait until the weather cools off here to get out my yummy sweaters!

dear kate said...

so cute and so cozy! i love it!

dotty said...

awesome toms!

Nicole said...

I crack up at you talking about fall and cooler weather! It's still super hot here! I am ready for my fall wardrobe though...just not winter...ever.

Milly said...

i'm in love with your Tom's

Jill said...

Love the outfit. And, i love fall too! I was looking at the sweater on the gap website....It looks great on you.....but on the website it looks like it would be too long, and the neck too low...did you order your regular size or go smaller for a better fit?

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

Jill, I am always between sizes at the Gap & Old Navy... I can go either way depending on how I want any given top to fit. With this sweater I did choose the smaller size. It is meant to have a relaxed and drapey look, but you don't want it to be TOO big!

Hope that helps!

AnaLisa said...

Might have to copy this outfit when I go to the apple orchards. :) Love it!

AnaLisa said...

Might have to copy this outfit when I go to the apple orchards. :) Love it!


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