Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my outfit & on being indecisive...

I've had a terrible case of indecisiveness lately. And it not only is a pain, it also is a little frightening... I mean if you know me you know that I know what I want. (did ya' catch that?) Decisiveness is like my 'thing'. I make decisions and stick to them. This is the girl that decided one morning to just up and quit her well paying job to stay home with her kids and find a meaningful career (all without consulting my husband to boot!). I decide. I know. I can DO IT, darn it.

Things will come up and I feel like I am sitting in a restaurant and the waiter is waiting for my order and not only do I not know what I want to eat - I don't even know how I got in the restaurant in the first place. Scary, no?

I have lots of thoughts on this occurrence in my life, most of them are personal and boring... but what I will tell you is that this has made getting dressed in the morning almost tear-inducing. So my husband picked this outfit for me. Is he sweet or what? I can't remember the last time I even saw him in my closet... much less asking which section the skinny jeans were in. I mean, really, is he a keeper or what?

He chose the top and the jeans... I chose the shoes (the good news is I CAN still choose shoes... if I couldn't I would be really worried.) Don't go worrying about me though, I think I have gotten to the root of some of the issues and as I write this I am feeling better and more decisive already. I also got a very encouraging email from a fellow blogger... she's a gal I consider a friend. And now my personal shrink too. She's that good. (thanks Karen!)

Do you ever get indecisive???

{Also, the pictures are really blurry because it was raining the day I took them and had to mess around with color/light in photoshop. Boo! But I have some more 'sunny' photos coming later this week!}

Top/Dress, courtesy of Tulle
Jeans, Forever 21 (similar)
Belt, Forever 21 (similar)
Flats, Sam Edelman


maria said...

oh Jill, yes im constantly indecisive!!! no worries, you look beautiful!, those shoes are awesome!!

Elena said...

I'm frequently indecisive! I'll consult 5 different people and then end up at the conclusion I was leaning toward in the first place. I think it's a matter of uncertainty and a lack of confidence in the decision being made.
Other times I'll know exactly what I want and nobody better question me about it.
The difference is the noise and self-talk in one's own head. You have to be in the right mood, focused, and in the "right place" to really feel good about decisions, no matter how trivial they may seem. Don't worry, things will "click" again and you'll come at us with another one of your big new series or features. You can do it! :)

Elle Sees said...

As a libra I'm very indecisive. BUT, when I do decide, I never once regret it. Whatever the problems are, trust your gut.

MerciBlahBlah said...

The end.

kristen said...

I think sometimes so many things fall on the shoulders of us, as women. We can only handle so much! I'll bet after your kids get into their school routines and things settle down with that, you'll be back to your normal decisive self. :)

Cute, cute outfit! I love the skinny belt with the tunic. I've been watching for that tunic to go on sale! :)

cami said...

I believe we are around the same age, and as of late - I have been going through these bouts of indecisiveness too. Eventually they pass (thank the Lord) or I'd probably try to find the closest bridge. But, it's frustrating when you're normally well in control of yourself and your thoughts to hit a mental wall. Hang in there. And in the words of Stuart Smalley - "You're good enough. You're smart enough. And gosh doggone it, people like you!"

Jackie said...

Funny you should post about indecisiveness today because I have been feeling all kinds of those feelings lately. It's like my brain is in a fog and I can't figure out which way to go or what to do. I agree with a previous commenter about being a mother and how there is constantly so much on your shoulders-it overwhelms you to the pint of brain fog! Maybe you can send some of those tips from Karen my way!

But thank goodness for hubby's who can pick out outfits!

The Corums said...

Oh how weird! My hubby and I were just talking about how indecisive and indifferent we feel lately! (and we're both decision makers) Our big thing is usually food - we love making food decisions (whether shopping for it or going out to eat) and lately, we just can make a decision or care at all! It's strange. There must be something in the air... or water... or season... meh, I can't decide. ;)

paula said...

I go through stages just like this. LOVE the outfit. I am in need of some long tops to wear with leggings all fall and winter.

Striving 4 Balance said...

Hubby did a great job helping you - good to have people around to pick us up when we are a bit down. Hang in there girlie! That outfit is super cute!

Dobbygirl said...

I'm such an indecisive person, second guessing constantly. Has become worse since I became a Mom - LOL! Still loving that tunic!!!

openid said...

too cute!

blessings & giggles

Justine said...

I flipped through some of your outfits and I have to say that I love your style :)

Just Better Together

Linda Rose said...

ha ha! Jill! You're crazy. You're going to have to explain more about this quitting your job thing. I am totally the opposite that when I read that I had a hard time breathing! Ha! I ask Bob about EVERYTHING! It's ridiculous really. And I need to be more like you.
Your husband did a great job choosing for you, but the shoes made the outfit. Well done cutie!

karen★ said...

I'm so happy that I read back posts here, otherwise I would have missed something super important & I now have a huge smile; all from you.

You definitely have a keeper & he definitely knows you. You look so pretty in that orange! The whole outfit is so darn cute. (Good thing indecisiveness doesn't show up under our eyes like sleeplessness!)


p.s. if you can't decide what to order, always go with the mixed appetizer. it's a no fail {& an order from your shrink!}


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