Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my outfit: go-to, tunics!

I just love the easy style of belted tunics. They look great and you don't have to worry about "sucking it in" if you have skinny jeans on. I never really thought about "sucking it in" much until I was pregnant with my first child and my mom told me she loved being pregnant because you never had to suck it in. AFTER I had my son, I knew just what she was talking about! Lately, I've been very disciplined with working out at the gym, but on those days where I have skipped... a tunic is perfect!

This is one of the first tops I bought from Forever 21 - the first time I visited there I couldn't believe my eyes... I had hit the motherlode! It's a unique color and the fabric has a great sheen to it. I particularly love it this season because of the ruffles and the color is very similar to a color JCrew is using this fall for cardis and tees. Very nice!

Add a little leopard belt and Voila!

A few of you have commented on how long my hair is getting! Finally! I feel like I have been growing it forever, soon I hope to get the color updated (it faded over the summer) and a little trim to get the dead ends off and then keep growing. I feel like when I had my hair short it would grow so much faster! I'm so impatient!

Top, F21 (this one is remarkably similar, but hello expensive!) (or similar color tee from JCrew)
Belt, F21 (similar)
Jeans, F21 (similar)
Clogs, UGG
Purse, Deux Lux (similar)


mar said...

You look great and the gym work shows! I never thought you looked like you needed to hit it harder...but you've looked fab in all of your recent pictures. It gives me great inspiration because I need to lose some flub myself. Tunics are great because they grow from flab to fab.

Lurve your blog. I've read it every day for six months, but this is my first time to comment. Thanks for the clean, simple and fresh ideas!

Ambar said...

Love, love, love this outfit!!!!!

elizabethashleyphoto said...

This is so adorable! The color is perfect, and you could not have picked better accessories with the leopard belt and camel-colored shoes!

Breenah said...

I really cannot get into clogs, but I absolutely love the rest of this outfit.

kristen said...

You look great! I am really loving tunics. This color is so stylish. I wondering if I could pull it off...

karen★ said...

that tunic is so so great! i love everything about this outfit; & the skinny jeans look awesome!

p.s. prenatals help your hair grow faster & stronger even when there are no babies in the future!

Jacinta said...

I love the ruffles on the tunic. Cute!


Fia said...

I love the color of this tunic. Pairing it with the leopard print belt was a great idea!


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