Monday, September 13, 2010

good look for less, Shannon!

I have been working on so many wardrobe consults lately... must be everyone is readying their wardrobes for fall! And what better way to do it?

Today's consult is for Shannon, she works part-time and is a mom full-time. She wanted outfits that would easily transition from a casual work environment to family fun. Her budget was $300 and I think for that amount we were really able to pull together some fresh and modern pieces that will be fun to mix and match together, but also with her existing wardrobe. Her full shopping list can be found here - but let's take a look at some of the outfits!

One of my favorite "instant" chic mom outfits is a tunic/mini-dress over jeans. I love that this tunic has a modern print but a very relaxed and slouchy (but not frumpy) look to it. With the pattern in the top I chose a simple bold ring and a pair of refined wedges to finish the look. This is SO easy and really a great look.

Stripes, ruffles, repeat. Couldn't that be the mantra for 2010 fashion? So easy, bold and casual. All those words seem to be in juxtaposition of one another, but this outfit just works. This is a great one for work. If you work in a casual environment, wide leg dark rinsed denim is a great wardrobe staple.

Again with the dark jeans... but here I just paired a simple t-shirt with a nice necklace and this is mom or casual-work ready. I am loving the look of the military inspired jackets this fall, but some of them are too boxy and slouchy to feel feminine. This jacket isn't necessarily "military" style, but it does borrow the color. This silhouette is much more feminine and flattering.

Again with the ruffles, but my goal here is to show how different items can be mixed and matched within your wardrobe and have totally different vibes. I really love this mustard yellow hue for fall - it seems to pair well with about any neutral so it can be a great staple.

Happy Shopping Shannon!


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Sarah said...

I love what you put together. I love that you didn't sacrifice comfort for fashion either. These our effortless awesome looks!

Dobbygirl said...

Love that tunic in the first look and the green jacket in one of the other looks!


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