Thursday, August 26, 2010

yes, please.

I die for these shoes... so not practical for my life right now, but so coveted all the same.

(Forever 21 [of course!], $27.80)


Natalie said...

Me too!! They were already on my Forever 21 wish list! I was sad when they sold out of gray!Pocket of Presh

Maria said...

Yes, i want them too big time...was at their store yesterday but had gideon so couldn't try them on! dang it! LOVE them

Holly Myers said...

why am I 31, but addicted to forever 21. The wedges are in the mail on the way to my house!

karen★ said...

i love them too, & have been seeing them everywhere. BUT JILL!!! i don't know how to wear them! (seriously, any shoe that goes to the ankle has always been my nemesis...thoughts?)


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