Friday, August 27, 2010

my outfit: fall preview...

This past weekend I spent a rainy morning raiding my closet and getting excited about fall... I played "dress up" big time to get a feel for what I already had in my closet for fall before I got TOO excited about buying more for fall. I think the 30/30 Challenge has made me more disciplined (success!). My fall shopping list seems about a mile long... not good. I wanted to dig into what I had first to make sure it didn't get shoved to the back of the closet with the new. This week I'll show you all my fun "existing" fall looks - then hopefully in the coming weeks I'll mix in some new as well!


It's the last of the fall "looks"... but actually more like the beginning in general. We have a few 85 + days left in the weather report, but I have a feeling after that it will be over except for maybe the hope of an Indian Summer in September or October. But I am SO ready... waking up to a chill in the air is by far the best feeling after a long, hot summer.

First things first... NEW SHOES! I am in love with these and always looking for a way to slip them on (even around the house!)... I can't believe this is their first cameo on the blog! Give them a warm welcome!

Does this outfit look professor-ish? It kind of felt that way, but I still really liked it. I would have loved to add a really bold chunky necklace, but couldn't find one that I loved (need to fall shop!). Something silvery or metallics. This is one of my faults, I can put an outfit on and then continue to critique and style it. Probably to death. Truth is, this outfit is perfect as is. My head plays games with me.

These jeans are less black and more dark grey... you can see best in the picture below. They are Matchstick by JCrew... I loved them when I bought them, then didn't so much and now I can't get enough of them. They are number one I want to reach for - I love my jeans like my kids... all in their own special ways. But I try not to play favorites!

Have you done your fall shopping yet?

Blazer, JCrew
Jeans, JCrew
Top, JCrew
Shoes, Sam Edelman

Steal this look:


The Great Askini said...

I love it! One question for you--everything I see in the fall styles seems to be denim leggings or skinny jeans or the like. I can't wear any of those things because I have really thick thighs and I would look like a stuffed sausage. What do you recommend as an alternative that won't look too outdated?

Kelly said...

Good question! I have thick thighs too, and also huge Scottish calfs - even when I had lost weight a few years ago before having my son and was quite thin, my calves were still gigantic. So no skinny jeans for me either, and I find it so hard to get straight legged jeans - they are always flared.

Also, Jill, that outfit might feel professorish to you, but trust me, it doesn't look like it. I am a graduate student, and I know very few professors who dress that stylish lol.

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

That is a great question gals!

It is true that jean leggings and skinny jeans are everywhere this fall.

Try to substitute them with a straight fit if you feel comfortable. This pair of jeans, Matchstick from JCrew, is a great relaxed fit that is straight through the thigh and leg. I would recommend looking for these on sale at JCrew (or I got these at the outlet). Or Gap has just AMAZING fits. Try their straight fit as well.

If the straight is still not something you like or that will work, choose a boot fit that has minimal flare at the opening. Modern Boot Fit from Gap is another great option.

I hope that helps!

Jackie said...

Love your new shoes! The perfect amount of leopard with the fun detailing on the toe-great pick! said...

As a college student, let me assure you that I have yet to come across a professor that is this stylish!! I never would have thought to pair those colors together but it totally works.


PS- Those flats are amazing. What a fab find!

karen★ said...

hello shoes! you are so pretty! please tell jill that when i get my doctorate (in 5 years), & become a professor, this is how i hope to look!

kristen said...

I am loving this look! Esp. that blazer!!!

Angeline said...

Love it! Definitely has a smart professor-vibe (the blazer and nicely fit pants, I think, are the secret). Those sparkly shoes are just icing on the cake.

No shopping for me this fall (or winter, until March), so I'll just be shopping my closet (and maybe my mom's when I visit her next month).

Chio said...

I have just find your blog and I like very much.
I love your pre-fall outfits!!!

Susan said...

I totally agree! I got those same jeans at the JCREW outlet last fall for very cheap (I think $10)....they sat in my closet for 6 monthes before I wore I can't get enough! I love your blog!


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