Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my outfit: 14/30!

30 for 30 Banner

The title of this post could also be called... it's my birthday and I'll jump if I want to. Yes, I know, so cliche. The I'm-a-fashion-blogger jump. But here it is in all of it's glory. (yes, it's a bit blurry... but check it, I got some "air"!)

Things I am not jumping about:
  • renewing the plates on my car and my driver's license for $200 (why do they think doing renewals on your birthday is a good idea?)
  • turning 32. blah.
  • the. hardest. week. ever. with the kids. I've been in tears everyday and it's only Wednesday. Please tell me I am not the only mom that cries when my kids frustrate me. I know, 32 going on 3.
  • the jiggle on my arms that won't quit. getting old is a you-know-what.

Things I AM jumping about:
  • not having to take a test when renewing aforementioned driver's license (holla! must have been the wink and the smile. I kid. ha, maybe! I'll never tell).
  • even though I get down on myself, I have an amazing life at 32.
  • it's my birthday. Go me!
  • my blog rocks, but not nearly as much as my readers do. Smooches!
  • thanks to blogs, text messages and facebook. birthdays these days are rockin' awesome. you hear from people you forgot you knew or don't even know. and really, what's better than feeling loved on your birthday?
  • obligatory Starbucks runs. It's my birthday. It WILL include Starbucks. Maybe even two (love that after 2pm $2 treat!) trips.
  • my husband and kids are the best. really. the best.
  • fall is right around the corner and in honor of my birthday I bought myself the two most amazing pairs of shoes ever. I can't WAIT to show them to you right here on the blog once the Challenge is over.
  • this summer has been super fun. buuuuuut... we still have our family vacation in a week. it's gonna rock.
Wanna talk about the outfit? I went all Johnny Cash on ya'. But seriously, what is easier than throwing on a bunch of black and calling it good. Nothing. Except when it's 90 degrees and you are dressed all in black at the Farmer's Market. Not so good. Otherwise, very good.

I got some new wayfarer-ish sunnies... I tried to get a good picture of them on. But when you are standing in your living room with the A/C blasted and a three year old running circles around you, "rocking" a pair sunglasses does NOT come easy people. Although I hope this doesn't mean they DO look that ridiculous on me... hmmmm....

Also, yes, it's my birthday. Yes I am 32. Yes I would rather be 29. I'm cool with it though.

Black Top, Gap (similar)
Belt, local boutique (similar, I love this one too!)
Bangles, unknown (similar)
Sandals, F21 (similar)
Sunnies, F21


Kathryn said...

Happy, happy birthday!!

Elena said...

Happy happy birthday! I hope you have as great a day as I did yesterday! :)

Dobbygirl said...

happy Birthday!!!!!

MerciBlahBlah said...

First of all - happy bday girlfriend! Secondly, I was SO going to go all black today, but Gavin decided to wake up at 10 p.m. last night screaming his head off and would NOT go back to sleep so guess where he ended up? In our bed (I HATE THAT), which means I had to grab whatever I thought I would wear last night so I wouldn't be scrounging around for it this morning.

No, you are not the only one who cries over your "kid-frustration." I had to take a moment, throw a little tantrum when he woke up last night, and go chill out on my front porch. If ONLY I was a pot-smoker - it might have taken the edge off. Alas, I am not. Don't you hate crying over the kids? It is somehow comforting though, to find out that other people do it too.

Hang in there woman - you look smashing, as usual - have a great birfday, and enjoy TWO lattes today!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Wow - that was a looooooong comment...


*starr fish said...

Happy Birthday!! Have a super day! Also, loving the outfit, btw.

PS~Erin said...

Happy birthday to you! Yes, I cry too. And I think it can be quite effective if they actually see you cry every once in a while. Hope today is cry-free! Enjoy those StarbuckS! Have an AWESOME day!!

Maria said...

Oh my gosh Jill I totally thought this was a jumpsuit!!! either way love the look, so chic!!! and happy birthday honey, you look barely 20 to me, seriously. oh and in honor of your birthday which I had no idea was today I gave you a blogger award over on my blog today, how's that for good timing! have a great one, dear!

sara said...

Happy Birthday!!

And no, you are not the only one who cries over kids. My son is six almost seven now, and I will say it gets MUCH easier. I thought I would never make it past three, he was such a challenge. My husband and I laugh all the time now about how good and easy he is.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

annie said...

Hope you have a fabulous day! You deserve it!

Natalie said...

Love the outfit~!! Have a wonderful birthday!

karen★ said...

Happy 32nd to you! The jumping picture is awesome! I hope today is wonderful for you!

I am so very sorry about the crying, but it is completely normal. I cry at least once a week...maybe four or five...due to major frustration with my boys. They are awesome, of course, but sometimes it would be so amazing if they did everything they were told, wouldn't hit each other with sticks, & would stop yelling at the top of their lungs (even when they're playing it gets old.) There's no crying in Birthday though! So tell them to back off!

That jiggle? What? I have nooooo idea what you're talking about!

cami said...

Happy Birthday!

Crying at the stress of our kids = normal!
Screaming into a pillow because of aforementioned kids = normal!
Getting an extra Starbucks on your Bday = a MUST!

Cheers! and God Bless you today.

Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

Happy birthday, fellow Leo! Loving the black outfit too, very chic!

b.a. said... this outfit!
2.happy birthday!!!
3.i totally get frustrated to tears with my kids.
4.your blog DOES rock!
5.seriously. they make US pay hundreds of dollars each year so that THEY can track down our cars. way to trick us into giving you more of our money, government.
6.if i move my arm in this weird position, there are the beginnings of dimples. seriously? what's next? cellulite on my feet???
7.the other day i did my first 2 after 2 starbucks run. it was great! but i was kind of embarassed because it was the same girl at the drive-thru. hopefully she didn't know that i'd been at the mall the whole time in between!
8.can't WAIT to see your new shoes. is quinn's birthday, too! gift to you is this obscenely long comment. :)

Sarah Lenhart said...

Happy Birthday!

Have an extra Starbucks coffee for me! :)

Lauren Bordelon said...

Very chic outfit for the Birthday Girl! Happy Birthday to you!

dooverdecade said...

Happy birthday, Jill! Love the top!

Jackie said...

Sending you a double birthday shout out-here and on your fb! Woot woot! Just shake (or jump) all the stress away for your special day girl-and don't worry I think every mom cries over their kids at some point. I've done it many a time. My kids are being rascals right now too-Kara has decided to unleash the terrible twos attitude on me and it is not pretty. So rock on with your double dose of Starbucks and top it off later with some good wine! And you know what they say- 32 is the new 29!

Dan Claire said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Best wishes from Brazil!!!

Ashley @ The Hillside Home said...

first of all, happy birthday!!!!! and second, love that outfit! all black is so super slimming... i love me an all black outfit! hope you have a great day!

Maggie Rose said...

Happy birthday wishes to you!

Obviously I don't have kids yet but I've always been a crier, so I've actually wondered if I'd be a weirdo weepy mom - glad to know that it's pretty normal!

I find it EXTREMELY doubtful that your arms jiggle - you look fantastic and slender (especially in this outfit!) and I'm sure there are plenty of 29 year olds who would kill to look that good!

Enjoy the Starbucks! I've been refusing my treat receipt to avoid the temptation but on your birthday, anything goes!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday! You look so great and I totally agree about the Michael Koors comment (in the next post). He's my dream designer too.
Hope you have the best birthday ever!!!

Jess Constable said...

Happy birthday, Jill!!! I hope you have a great day and realize how awesome your life is. (you obviously know, but still.)

Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

Happiest of birthdays, my friend. You are so dang cute, just as cute as you were at 22. :)

love you.

Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

Happiest of birthdays, my friend. You are so dang cute, just as cute as you were at 22. :)

love you.

angeline said...

Happy Birthday girl! Hope your day was amazing!

dear kate said...

happy birthday!!! i love this johnny cash look! ha! you look great!
hope your day is wonderful!

Julia*Mieko said...

Happy birthday! Hooray to being a Leo!

It's wonderful how this day can make you even more thankful for what you have. I hope it was a great day. Love the outfit, too. I'd totally wear that! Must be a Leo thang.

bongga said...

hi! i love your blog. it gives me inspiration to be stylish (even if on a budget). i'm just curious. you might not have received this kind of question before. how do you remove your armpit hair, wax/shave? i noticed in your picture (the one with the raised arms), your underarms are smooth. :)

pranapt said...

Happy Birthday, Jill! Sorry I'm a bit late. You look fantastic as always and 32 is so young! Wanting to cry over the kids is totally normal, we all just do our day-to-day best. As I am getting ready to turn 40 on the 16th (fellow Leo), and my kids are now 9 and 12, I am trying to find things to appreciate about each day. The time goes so fast! There are good and bad things about every age that we are, and every age that our kids are, but overall, life is good and as long as you have some girlfriends to kick it with, ain't nothin' but a thing! XOXO


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