Tuesday, July 27, 2010

check it out: forever 21!

I stopped in F21 recently... be proud of me: I didn't buy any clothes. Just some accessories. I really needed sunglasses (I had two pairs break recently). But I at least did some "research" to check out what was new and fun!

Stripes aren't going anywhere... I love this top. And it's only $8 - what a steal! Perfect for late summer/early fall.

I really loved this top... the silky finish, the pockets, the drawstring waist and the perfect neutral color had me swooning. This and jeans and boots or sandals - perfect!

I have an earlier version of this wallet and I just love it! Any time I whip it out I get compliments on it... plus, it's like less than $10. Nice.

I don't usually get into tops with printing on them like this... but they had a ton of collegiate inspired tees that were very vintage-y looking. I would love one with a blazer scarf and cuffed jeans for fall.

I can't imagine these would be super comfortable... but how cute are they? I just love this shade of green/blue...


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