Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my outfit: short shorts!

oh boy... I am so not a shorts person. But I maaaaaaay just be coming around. My husband talked me into these (big duh there) and I almost hate to admit it, but I do kinda like them.

When I started putting this outfit together I knew I wanted a very summer/easy/simple/fresh look. But I still felt like it needed a little sumthin'. So I broke out the leather Coach and I think it really balanced the simplicity and brought a bit of sophistication to it all.

Also, the shoes are my new Superga's... when I first got them I thought they were too big. But I had my mom try them on, she has a touch bigger foot than me and they were too small on her. Hmmm. My brother suggested insoles to fill some of the extra space and ta-da! They fit perfect. (BTW, want more ideas on how to style these classic white kicks? I featured them in my Spring looks:book!)

How cute are the yellow striped pockets? But these shorts are short enough as is. thankyouverymuch. I wore this outfit to the library with the kiddos and celebratory Happy Meals for launching my Summer looks:book! Aren't my kids the luckiest? I do the work, they get the fun? Next time I should mix some champagne in there somewhere. For reals.

Purse, Coach (gift)
Top, Gap (similar)
Tank, F21
Horseshoe Necklace, Marc Jacobs (similar)
Shorts, Old Navy
Shoes, Superga (I got mine at GILT for cheaper!)


Elle Sees said...

Girrrrrrl rock those shorts!
I'm not a fan of shorts on myself, but you have the figure to rock it, so do it!

Dobbygirl said...

Love the bag - perfect for the outfit's vibe!

HFF Mom said...

thanks for posting this. my aunt just gave me some of these and i tried on with long sleeves too. i think the longer sleeves balance out the look somehow. bag is nice as well..

karen★ said...

I love the whole look, especially with the top you chose. Cute shoes! Aren't you so glad you didn't get rid of those adorable shoes?
p.s. great legs!


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