Wednesday, June 2, 2010


If you read my "blogging bits" posts (and I hope you do!) you will know that I recently gave a little teaser that I was working on a new project that can help us all increase our traffic... (seeing as traffic is THE currency of the internet, right?!)

This new project is called "the it list"...

"the it list" is going to be a weekly traffic reciprocating blog post program...

Every Friday it will feature a "best" of the blogs round-up that will look a little bit like this:

The post will have a visual at the top with photos from the posts featured, then links and "teaser" lines below. All participants of "the it list" will have a photo from their blog and their link teaser featured (in the photo above I just used all mine for illustration purposes). Then every Friday morning we will all put the SAME post (like above) on our site... all of our visitors will get the best posts we have to offer that week and we will all trade traffic and visitors for the day! Hopefully getting new and returning visitors to our site weekly!

I am hoping to put out the first issue THIS Friday... so if you are interested, PLEASE email me right away for all of the details!
goodlifeforless {at}


Rachel Elizabeth said...



Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Sounds like a fun project!

I'm excited to have found your blog :-)

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karen★ said...

I'm in! I'll shoot you an e-mail soon. (awesome idea!)


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